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Face of Lord Buddha, Gandharan region, 4th/6th century, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois © <a href="">Wonderlane</a>

Outsiders in the Art Market

The art world’s growing connection to finance capitalism makes it a subject that more business journalists should be paying attention to, and being outsider on the beat can help you cover it better.

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Mario Draghi at the European Parliament. © <a href="">European Parliament

Week in Review: Saving Europe, S&P Trouble, the Oil Question, Silicon Valley’s Secret

The European Central Bank unveiled a $1.3 trillion bond-buying program this week; S&P settled with the SEC for $80 million over charges of inflated ratings; oil prices continue to crash.

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A Year in Best Business Books

Three major themes emerged from the year’s best business books lists: Income inequality, economic collapse and the impact of technology on global markets. We’ve compiled a best of the best list of our own.

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Davos, Switzerland.
© <a href="">World Economic Forum/Flickr</a>

Week in Review: Swiss Franc Uncapped, Us Bank Earnings Weak, Bill Gross on PIMCO

The Swiss National Bank dropped a three-and-half-year policy that capped currency exchange at 1.20 franc per euro; US banks reported fourth quarter profit declines; Trump and Gross settle scores in public.

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Felix Salmon.

Felix Salmon Has Something to Tell You

The widely followed financial journalist talks to Covering Business about the digital storytelling he’s doing for his new gig at Fusion, his upcoming video series “Let Me Tell You,” and the rise of “explainer” journalism.

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