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Emmanuel Tshiteta crouches over a pile of copper ore he recovered near a mine in Kolwezi. He sells the rocks to a Chinese company. photo credit: Jacob Kushner

Enlisting an Academic Gatekeeper to Unlock a Story

Sometimes there is a single expert who’s the ‘gatekeeper’ to a castle of information and contacts on a business or deal a reporter is investigating. What can a journalist do to gain the trust of such an expert– and what does the expert expect from the journalist in return?

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Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine. ©<a href="
">Matt Shalvatis</a>

Chasing Down Facts in Post-Soviet States

A lack of public accountability and reputation for bribe-taking among journalists makes getting good information and winning the trust of sources a difficult proposition in Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. Here are a few strategies for getting the goods.

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Bob Marley, in concert, July 6, 1980, Dalymount Park, Dublin. ©<a href="
">Eddie / monosnaps</a>

Week in Review: Keystone Blocked, Uber-Embarassment, Bob Marley’s Dope for Sale

Uber VP under fire for threats against journalist; Keystone pipeline blocked by Senate Democrats; oil prices plunge, producers have few options; the name of Bob Marley, who was staunchly anti-capitalist while he was alive, will be used to sell the dope he once loved to consumers.

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Vatican City ©<a href="
">Giorgio Galeotti</a>

Plumbing the Soul of the Vatican’s Pleasure-Loving Prelate

How I got an exclusive interview with Monsignor Scarano, the former top accountant at the Vatican charged with money laundering, and sold the story to the New York Times.

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Protest at the White House in favor of net neutrality ©<a href="">Joseph Gruber

Week in Review: The Soul of the Internet; Amazon–Hachette Deal; Un-Free Music

Obama supports net neutrality; Amazon and Hachette finally strike a deal, and some say Hachette won this round; YouTube’s new paid subscription music service may mark the beginning of the end of free music.

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