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Two boys carrying a bucket of water to their home from the water well in the small town of Tabora in Tanzania, East Africa. ©<a href="
">Adib Roy</a>

Investigative Technique: Engaging Your Target

Lessons from an investigative reporting project on the World Bank.

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Breezy Point, New York after Hurricane Sandy. ©<a href="">DVIDS/Flickr</a>

Behind the Red Cross Investigation

Did the iconic charity misspend funds during Hurricane Sandy? CoveringBusiness spoke with reporters Jesse Eisinger and Justin Elliott about how they dug up the answer to this question in their recent investigative report on the subject.

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Playpumps merri-go-round ©<a href="">

Apps, Laptops and Cupcakes in the Developing World

Five strategies for covering social entrepreneurship, innovation and start-ups in Africa and other developing countries.

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Face of Lord Buddha, Gandharan region, 4th/6th century, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois © <a href="">Wonderlane</a>

Outsiders in the Art Market

The art world’s growing connection to finance capitalism makes it a subject that more business journalists should be paying attention to, and being outsider on the beat can help you cover it better.

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A Year in Best Business Books

Three major themes emerged from the year’s best business books lists: Income inequality, economic collapse and the impact of technology on global markets. We’ve compiled a best of the best list of our own.

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