James B. Stewart

Bloomberg Professor of Business Journalism
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
[email protected]

James B. Stewart teaches the business journalism seminar in the M.A. program at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Stewart is the author of eleven books, including the national bestseller, “DisneyWar,” an account of Michael Eisner’s tumultuous reign at America’s best-known entertainment company. He is also the author of national bestsellers “Den of Thieves,” about Wall Street in the 80s, “Blind Eye,” an investigation of the medical profession, and “Blood Sport,” about the Clinton White House. “Follow the Story: How to Write Successful Nonfiction,” was inspired by his classes at Columbia. His most recent book is “Tangled Webs.”

Today, Stewart writes the “Common Sense” column for the Business Day section of The New York Times. He contributes regularly to The New Yorker and was formerly “Page One” Editor of The Wall Street Journal.

Stewart is the recipient of a 1988 Pulitzer Prize for Wall Street Journal articles on the 1987 stock market crash and the insider trading scandal. He is also the winner of the George Polk award and two Gerald Loeb awards.

Stewart is a graduate of Harvard Law School and DePauw University. He was born and attended public schools in Quincy, Illinois.

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