Pitch to Us!

Covering Business wants to inspire our readers to become better business journalists.

In our “Behind the Story” series, we go behind the scenes with a journalist who has reported a particularly ambitious piece of investigative or feature journalism about the process of conceiving, reporting and writing the story, from start to finish.

In “On the Beat,” we take a look at what you need to know to cover a particular beat well, including pitfalls to avoid.  In this series, we’ve covered everything from conquering the gadget beat to getting tech scoops in Southeast Asia.

In “Skills and Tradecraft,” we examine some of the skills that will help you excel as a business journalist, whether these apply to  coming up with novel and compelling story ideas, getting sources to talk, pitching editors, or explaining complex business topics without oversimplifying.

And finally, “Tools and Resources” compiles pieces on how to navigate the best tools and resources available to business journalists, from LinkedIn to economic databases, from FOIA to Bloomberg terminals.

We also publish a weekly review of the business news (“Week in Review”) that aims to highlight important pieces of journalism and data visualization from the week, as well as to offer an explainer of a current key issue lighting up the business pages.

We are looking for pitches and pay competitively! Take a look at some of our stories to get a feel for what we publish. If interested in contributing, please email the editor with a short bio, a few recent clips and one or more pitches of about 150 words each.