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A Safe Stock in a Defensive Sector


By Covering Business   March 15, 2012

Even if the market heads south, generic drug maker Teva could continue to grow.

Economic Consequences of Rising Medical Costs

Photo: Takoma Bibelot

By Covering Business   

The Congressional Budget Office explains how higher health-care costs have affected the economy.

Why Recessions Extend Lifespans

Photo: Omer Unlu

By Covering Business   March 14, 2012

In an article for Bloomberg, Peter Osrzag compiles research to show why downturns promote longer lives.

Stretching the Social Safety Net

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By Covering Business   

The government projects how cutbacks to Medicare and Social Security would affect costs and benefits.

Q&A With Pamela Yip

Photo: Evans Caglage

By Covering Business   March 6, 2012

The personal finance reporter discusses how her beat has changed and the biggest story on it today.

Rising Health Care Premiums May Squeeze Wages

By Covering Business   December 15, 2011

A recent study suggests insurance premiums have spiked this year, putting pressure on employers to cut costs.