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Business journalism and politics – from Dublin to NYC and back

By Rob Norton   March 7, 2014

Niamh Sweeney (MA, 2011) worked in the US as a reporter at TheStreet and Bloomberg, and as a correspondent for The Irish Times after graduating. Now she’s involved with trade and economics on the government side, as special adviser to Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister.

On launching VALERIE, a new online magazine

By Covering Business   January 24, 2014

Daria Solovieva (MA, 2010) is co-founder and managing editor of VALERIE, a new magazine now online in its beta release. VALERIE’s mission is “to showcase the work of talented female writers, bloggers and photojournalists to bring our readers independent news, perspectives and innovative ideas from around the world.”

Stock Screen: The Case for the Online Brokerage


By Covering Business   March 28, 2013

The market is rallying; investors are rushing into stocks funds; and you’re reading this online.

In Flight to Safety, Savers Take a New Risk


By Covering Business   

A growing movement to abandon equities in favor of bonds could pose a threat to long-term returns.

Facebook’s New Search Tool Fails to Impress Analysts at Debut

By Covering Business   January 23, 2013

Graph Search promises to make browsing a social network easier, but analysts haven’t budged.

In Italy, Optimism Over Obama’s Second Term


By Covering Business   November 29, 2012

The re-election of Barack Obama could help Italy advance a pro-growth agenda.

Steady Gains in Retail Sales Hint at Broader Growth

Photo: Scott Merrill

By Covering Business   October 19, 2012

Retail sales are up about 5% over last year. Here’s what it means for the economy.

Housing Market Strengthens, Clearing Hurdle to Recovery


By Covering Business   

The Fed’s semi-monthly survey of local economic conditions suggests housing has turned a corner.

The Fast Fall of MF Global


By Covering Business   June 4, 2012

In a matter of months, the brokerage went from a conservative company that mainly helped investors hedge risk to a firm whose secret, high-stakes investments led to the use of customer funds to cover a multibillion-dollar gamble.

What Martha Stewart Did Wrong

Photo: Eirik Solheim

By Covering Business   May 15, 2012

What the trial of America’s most notorious celebrity homemaker can teach us about insider trading.

How the AT&T-T-Mobile Merger Went Bust


By Covering Business   April 30, 2012

Regulators struck down the deal for many reasons, but they all boiled down to one critical number.

Was Groupon Overvalued?


By Covering Business   April 14, 2012

The social media company had an IPO to rival Google’s, but it has yet to end a year in the black.

Critics Warn Dodd-Frank May Bring New Risk


By Covering Business   April 13, 2012

Two detractors says regulatory reform has done little to ensure the safety of the financial system.

An Energy Play With Potential Beneath the Surface


By Covering Business   March 30, 2012

Cobalt has yet to turn a profit, but its shares have been rising on oil finds along the ocean floor.

Behind Ford’s Stellar Quarter, Extraordinary Accounting


By Covering Business   March 15, 2012

A one-time adjustment lifted fourth-quarter results, but investors still have reason to cheer.

How the Fed Prevented Another Great Depression


By Covering Business   

Transparency and swift, unconventional actions helped ease economic strain.

Two Stocks for the Social Media Boom


By Covering Business   

Although they have different business models, LinkedIn and Rackspace are tied to social media.

Return to Zuccotti Park

Photo: Peter Vanham

By Covering Business   

Occupy Wall Street was evicted from Zuccotti Park by New York City police at about 1 a.m. on Nov. 15. In this photo essay, Peter Vanham documents what happened to the group later that day.

A Large-Cap Tech With Room to Grow


By Covering Business   

Cisco Systems is up 12% so far this year, and its presence in emerging markets may fuel more gains.

A Safe Stock in a Defensive Sector


By Covering Business   

Even if the market heads south, generic drug maker Teva could continue to grow.

An Auto-Parts Stock to Ride the China Wave


By Covering Business   

China Automotive Systems is growing. It’s also getting heavy support from the Chinese government.

Capturing Oil’s Surge With a Growth Stock


By Covering Business   

Before crude’s latest jump, Energy XXI was expanding rapidly and building out capacity.