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5 Professional Tips for Covering India

By Covering Business   May 16, 2013

Vikas Bajaj , who covered India for The New York Times, and Amol Sharma, who covered the nation for The Wall Street Journal, spoke about their experiences last month at Columbia.

Photo: Sarah Jamerson

So You Want to Cover China…

By Covering Business   April 19, 2013

Bloomberg News reporters Michael Forsythe and Henry Sanderson have a combined 11 years of experience covering business and economics in China. Here are a few things they learned along the way.

Photo: Edward Allen L. Lim

For Reporters, New Hurdles in Exposing Corruption

By Covering Business   April 7, 2012

Globalization has made reporting on corruption an international exercise. A panel of journalists discuss new challenges to investigating cheating and bribery around the world.

Photo: Ricardo Vacapinta

How Business Day Went Live

By Covering Business   March 22, 2012

The New York Times launched “Business Day Live,” the paper’s first real-time video program on the web, in February. Times video producer Mac Bishop discusses how the show got off the ground and what’s next in online video at The NYT.