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5 Professional Tips for Covering India


By Covering Business   May 16, 2013

Vikas Bajaj , who covered India for The New York Times, and Amol Sharma, who covered the nation for The Wall Street Journal, spoke about their experiences last month at Columbia.

Photo: Sarah Jamerson

Steady Gains in Retail Sales Hint at Broader Growth

Photo: Scott Merrill

By Covering Business   October 19, 2012

Retail sales are up about 5% over last year. Here’s what it means for the economy.

Housing Market Strengthens, Clearing Hurdle to Recovery


By Covering Business   

The Fed’s semi-monthly survey of local economic conditions suggests housing has turned a corner.

How the Fed Prevented Another Great Depression


By Covering Business   March 15, 2012

Transparency and swift, unconventional actions helped ease economic strain.

How Federal Earmarks Backfire

Photo: Alex Proimos

By Covering Business   March 14, 2012

A study in the Journal of Political Economy reveals how big earmarks can harm local economies.

Amid Signs of Growth, Concern Over 2012

Photo: Phillip Stewart

By Covering Business   December 15, 2011

The economy is showing hints of life, but economists have not ruled out another recession.

Consumers Scale Back, Threatening Recovery

Photo: Robert Couse-Baker

By Covering Business   

American shoppers’ lavish spending habits have receded at an inopportune moment for the economy.

Rising Health Care Premiums May Squeeze Wages

Photo: Jason Trommetter

By Covering Business   

A recent study suggests insurance premiums have spiked this year, putting pressure on employers to cut costs.