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5 Professional Tips for Covering India

By Covering Business   May 16, 2013

Vikas Bajaj , who covered India for The New York Times, and Amol Sharma, who covered the nation for The Wall Street Journal, spoke about their experiences last month at Columbia.

Photo: Sarah Jamerson

Steady Gains in Retail Sales Hint at Broader Growth

Photo: Scott Merrill

By Covering Business   October 19, 2012

Retail sales are up about 5% over last year. Here’s what it means for the economy.

Housing Market Strengthens, Clearing Hurdle to Recovery


By Covering Business   

The Fed’s semi-monthly survey of local economic conditions suggests housing has turned a corner.

How the Fed Prevented Another Great Depression


By Covering Business   March 15, 2012

Transparency and swift, unconventional actions helped ease economic strain.

How Federal Earmarks Backfire

Photo: Alex Proimos

By Covering Business   March 14, 2012

A study in the Journal of Political Economy reveals how big earmarks can harm local economies.

Amid Signs of Growth, Concern Over 2012

By Covering Business   December 15, 2011

The economy is showing hints of life, but economists have not ruled out another recession.

Consumers Scale Back, Threatening Recovery

By Covering Business   

American shoppers’ lavish spending habits have receded at an inopportune moment for the economy.

Rising Health Care Premiums May Squeeze Wages

By Covering Business   

A recent study suggests insurance premiums have spiked this year, putting pressure on employers to cut costs.