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Behind Ford’s Stellar Quarter, Extraordinary Accounting


A one-time adjustment lifted fourth-quarter results, but investors still have reason to cheer.

How the Fed Prevented Another Great Depression


Transparency and swift, unconventional actions helped ease economic strain.

Two Stocks for the Social Media Boom


Although they have different business models, LinkedIn and Rackspace are tied to social media.

Return to Zuccotti Park

Photo: Peter Vanham

Occupy Wall Street was evicted from Zuccotti Park by New York City police at about 1 a.m. on Nov. 15. In this photo essay, Peter Vanham documents what happened to the group later that day.

A Large-Cap Tech With Room to Grow


Cisco Systems is up 12% so far this year, and its presence in emerging markets may fuel more gains.

A Safe Stock in a Defensive Sector


Even if the market heads south, generic drug maker Teva could continue to grow.

An Auto-Parts Stock to Ride the China Wave


China Automotive Systems is growing. It’s also getting heavy support from the Chinese government.

Capturing Oil’s Surge With a Growth Stock


Before crude’s latest jump, Energy XXI was expanding rapidly and building out capacity.

A Stock to Play the Copper Rally


Southern Copper has a diverse enough customer base to grow almost anywhere demand rises.

Battered, But Ready to Bounce


After an accounting scandal rocked China concept stocks, one IT company is set to rebound.

A Utility for All Seasons


Some market watchers say the rally is at an end. If that’s the case, it’s time to get defensive.

A Stock to Capture the Manufacturing Rebound


With manufacturing leading the recovery, industry giant Caterpillar is poised to benefit.

As Europe Settles, a Bank Set to Rise

Barclays has already recovered a lot of lost value, but it has yet to come all the way back.

Small Enough to Fail

Regional banks have been significantly hit harder by the recession than larger financial institutions.

Amid Signs of Growth, Concern Over 2012

The economy is showing hints of life, but economists have not ruled out another recession.

Did the U.S. Get Labor Wrong?

As Europe adopts the American idea of a mobile workforce, a stubbornly high U.S. unemployment rate casts some doubt over that model.

Consumers Scale Back, Threatening Recovery

American shoppers’ lavish spending habits have receded at an inopportune moment for the economy.

Rising Health Care Premiums May Squeeze Wages

A recent study suggests insurance premiums have spiked this year, putting pressure on employers to cut costs.