What Corporations Really Pay in Taxes

Photo: Ray Tsang

A study shows more than half all large U.S. corporation have been able to dodge taxes entirely.

Economic Consequences of Rising Medical Costs

Photo: Takoma Bibelot

The Congressional Budget Office explains how higher health-care costs have affected the economy.

How Recessions Affect Consumption

Photo: Miki Yoshihito

The National Bureau of Economic Research studies how economic slowdowns affect spending habits.

Measuring the True Cost of TARP

Photo: Luz Bratcher

The latest estimates suggest the program’s net cost will be higher than previously expected.

Disapproval of Government Spending Hits Record High

Photo: George Kelly

A recent poll suggests the nation believes the government wastes half of every dollar it spends.

How McDonald’s Conquered France


Knowledge@Wharton breaks down how the world’s largest fast-food chain won over the French.

Where Kodak Went Wrong


Knowledge@Wharton deconstructs the company’s rapid decline into bankruptcy.

Who Won the Arab Spring?


Knowledge@Wharton makes the case that Iraq and Morocco are poised to reap the economic benefits.

Quantifying the Value Added by Hiring a Female CEO


Researchers explore how the presence of a woman in upper management affects performance.

How Federal Earmarks Backfire

Photo: Alex Proimos

A study in the Journal of Political Economy reveals how big earmarks can harm local economies.

Why Recessions Extend Lifespans

Photo: Omer Unlu

In an article for Bloomberg, Peter Osrzag compiles research to show why downturns promote longer lives.

How to Pick Stocks to Hedge Against Inflation

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Although the broad market is a poor inflation hedge, individual equities can do a better job.

Merger Prospects Hampered by Older CEOs

Photo: Liz West

A National Bureau of Economic Research study finds executive age weighs on buyout bids.

New Oversight of Venture Capital May Be Wasteful


An article in the Journal of Private Equity argues new regulations may be squandering resources.

Why the Best Analysts Are Not Necessarily the Most Accurate

Photo: Bogdan Suditu

A study in the Journal of Finance suggests a new way to measure the value of analysts’ estimates.

A Smarter Model for Paying CEOs


A Harvard finance professor argues executive pay should be set by more than company performance.

Long-Term Unemployment Leads to Poverty

Photo: Dan Moyle

The government tracks the fate of people who exhaust their unemployment insurance.

Are Federal Employees Overpaid?

Photo: Ryan Wick

The Congressional Budget Office compares government salaries to those of the private sector.

Stretching the Social Safety Net

Photo: Andrew Skudder

The government projects how cutbacks to Medicare and Social Security would affect costs and benefits.

How to Lower the Unemployment Rate

Photo: Eric Skiff

The Congressional Budget Office tries to determine the most cost-effective strategies.

Data Points: Labor


Links to critical resources for covering the labor market.

Resources: Taxes

Tax Statistics Compiled by the Internal Revenue Service Individual Income Tax Collected (1990-2009) (Excel) Tax collected, tax collected via electronic filing, capital gains and IRA distributions, gambling income and various deductions. Individual Income Tax Returns by Income Percentile (1986-2008) (Excel) Number of returns, adjusted gross income and income tax paid by the top 0.1%, 1%, […]

Resources: Government Spending

Historical Data on Annual Receipts, Outlays and Deficits/Surpluses (PDF) In dollars – pgs. 21-23 (Excel) As a percentage of GDP – pgs. 24-25 (Excel) In 2011 dollars – pgs. 26-27 (Excel) Receipts by source (individual vs. corporate income tax) – pgs. 30-35 (Excel) Breakdown of federal spending (1940-2010) – pgs. 47-76 (Excel) Includes annual outlays for […]