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Week in Review: Facebook’s Growing Pains, Cybersecurity Bill, California on Equal Pay, Education Payout

Facebook falls short on profit; Google’s newest venture is wireless; the U.S. House takes on cybersecurity; California attempts to close wage gap for women; pay levels are plunging for less educated workers.

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Davey Alba

Sexism in Silicon Valley: Covering the Ellen Pao Trial

A Q&A with Davey Alba, who covered the Pao trial for Wired magazine.

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Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. ©<a href="">Scott Beale</a>

Week in Review: Google’s Antitrust Trouble, Etsy’s Crafty IPO, “Fight for $15,” A New Magic Kingdom

Google faces antitrust allegations in Europe; Etsy’s craftiness was valued at $3.5 billion in IPO; the “Fight for $15” minimum wage protest hit 230 cities; Goldman Sachs’ earnings wowed; ushering in a new Magic Kingdom.

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Two boys carrying a bucket of water to their home from the water well in the small town of Tabora in Tanzania, East Africa. ©<a href="
">Adib Roy</a>

Investigative Technique: Engaging Your Target

Lessons from an investigative reporting project on the World Bank.

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Nearly empty reservoir at Uvas Creek in Santa Clara, California, February, 2014. ©<a href="">Ian Abbott</a>

Week in Review: YouTube takes on Netflix, Shell Acquires BG Group, Greece Pays Up, Mapping California’s Water

YouTube is planning to launch a video subscription service; Greece made a $450 million euro loan repayment; Royal Dutch Shell bought BG Group for $70 billion, the biggest energy merger in a decade; the New York Times maps where California’s water goes.

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