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Week in Review: Gloomy Global Market Signals, Business of Fusion, The Great Rip-Off

An unnerving drop in a range of global indicators this week rattled confidence in a sustained economic recovery; Lockheed Martin Corp announced a breakthrough in developing a power source based on nuclear fusion; Anti-corruption NGO Global Witness this week launched ‘The Great Rip-Off: anonymous companies and their victims.’

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From Smartphones to Nerf Guns: How to Review Gadgets

While the gadget beat might seem pretty straightforward there’s more to quality coverage than one might realize. We chatted with Gizmodo’s reviews editor, Sean Hollister, about what makes a good gadgets reporter.

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Week in Review: Cautious Fed, Microsoft Intrigue, China versus U.S.

US central bankers hinted that the current era of ultra-low interest rates will last a little longer; Behind the scenes at Microsoft, Ballmer and Gates’ epic clash; the size of China’s economy may have surpassed that of the U.S., depending on how you do the math.

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Demystifying Data Journalism: Getting Started

The phrase “data journalism” provokes a range of reactions within the media, anxiety being the main one for new journalism students and those starting their careers. But in era of shrinking newsrooms, editors are looking for journalists who can do more than just report.

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Week in Review: The New Subprime, Banking’s Big Secret, PayPal Goes Solo

An explosive story lifted the curtain on one of the country’s most important and secretive financial institutions; Online auction site Ebay announced it would spin off its PayPal subsidiary; investors are pouring their money into a new form of securitized debt, automotive loans.

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