Emmanuel Tshiteta crouches over a pile of copper ore he recovered near a mine in Kolwezi. He sells the rocks to a Chinese company. photo credit: Jacob Kushner

Enlisting an Academic Gatekeeper to Unlock a Story

Sometimes there is a single expert who’s the ‘gatekeeper’ to a castle of information and contacts on a business or deal a reporter is investigating. What can a journalist do to gain the trust of such an expert– and what does the expert expect from the journalist in return?

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Oil Boom in North Dakota © <a href=" https://www.flickr.com/photos/1porchlife/6355636505/in/photolist-aFCiiK-fbBCwF-f9WcRY-f9WboQ-f9FWC6-f9FWex-f9VDNY-f9Wbay-f9VDH1-f9Hecp-f9BvEA-f9EYtX-f9HfgX-f9HdQe-f9Xtn3-f9XtJb-f9EYm4-f9XtBQ-f9XtNu-f9HeDD-f9HeKc-f9FpUF-f9Hfdx-9YTmTs-4fNsWZ-hrZv6D-f8cLCP-hrZw9R-f9FWNz-f9EYf8-f9VE1b-4fNsWT-f9HdED-9YTxkb-9YTy8N-f9nGPT-f9nGXa-pVpN5o-p1HXyd-hrZqsF-p1LSjD-pF7XRY-9YTrqE-dv2qxS-9YTqkU-9YQnp6-pFkxmw-9YQvJa-8AAtwc-9XMxM3

Week in Review: US Oil Pullback, Unsafe Uber, U.S. Boom in 2015?

Five-year low in oil prices has some US producers scaling back; Uber faces fresh criticism on drivers; some economists predicting a booming U.S. economy in 2015; Sony Pictures emails reveal ugly spat over Steve Jobs biopic.

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The Google offices in Los Angeles ©<a href=" https://www.flickr.com/photos/stuckincustoms/6756753669/in/photolist-v4g-7vnrNe-5imLvD-2RjAJ-7ANmX-bJXW2-99tU1R-a2Kvnw-fRg2-6pBarC-hNBSe-aBE2z-4VHGWp-5J7NLu-6p2bEJ-8M7N3V-npPGuZ-m3CzNk-fLAVvN-fLAVJC-fLjmcB-oDCreb-a35Koo-fLAVNs-bi58sV-5qVjPH-k6c8Xe-f8vupu-f8geRx-nPDuPZ-cnsLn7-f8ge9z-f8geFg-YvN4-fLAVAC-fLAVDb-ctb1-ndWHMn-k6cQAM-4v72nf-nPDdg9-2bVJSr-2U2Rb-f8vvEU-apkxoj-2U3iX-nvWq9w-k6cPkR-5zau4u-j5dUex"> Trey Ratcliff

Week in Review: Google Backlash in Europe, Body Camera Bonanza, Sony Pictures Leak

The European Union is calling for a possible break-up of Google; in the wake of a second non-indictment of police responsible for the death of an unarmed black man, U.S. president Obama pledged to invest $75 million in body cameras for police; hackers stole and have begun leaking sensitive data from Sony Pictures.

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©<a href=" https://www.flickr.com/photos/catholicism/8562381072/in/photolist-e39xCm-ehTa95-e3wp4R-e3wHuF-ec1WTT-e3wJ9V-e3CrzS-ec21hx-e4ptrx-e4x2yY-91i1kh-e3wmxT-e3C8sd-kwM6GV-e3vFaT-e3ws8V-ehU2SJ-e3C3Ey-e4v1W3-nmiMmS-kwP87y-kwM3V2-kwM8s8-kwPaGd-kwMuvP-kwMw8B-e3woKR-kwM2ZV-e3vEXX-e3C161-ehU96m-ec7GL5-e4qRYr-e3C5iU-e4vckm-jsCKUA-ehNdBB-8XYwxz-e4pKHD-ec1Tdr-pp46n4-oFjTeH-9cKGeG-nVPe2k-e4v4vW-e3Cuk7-23BN25-5Ejefx-9Hnmgm-qbLTkh
">Catholic Church England and Wales</a>

Week in Review: Pope Scolds EU, ECB Weighs Stimulus Measures; Oil Volatile Ahead of OPEC

Pope Scolds EU for anti-immigrant policies and high youth unemployment, ECB weighs stimulus measures, including sovereign debt purchase; Oil markets volatile ahead of OPEC meeting.

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Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine. ©<a href=" https://www.flickr.com/photos/mattsh/5915164838/in/photolist-a1GLqE-arFzMJ-5jeim9-q1mzmj-br9R7y-jP8g6e-brNBAr-9SZSSv-nwMsHB-eXosS1-dPqCaj-bGZcZr-bmdLcK-a7RCo3-99gHvh-bkCkpn-5fdkfc-avVVF6-gaapSF-8gwG9n-8vg4eX-8TwYrZ-aBLVk1-jhj5Ek-oBMKoA-mEAjxv-a3U5bL-KvFDx-9nTBTR-dWrFB7-9UgBsm-9MD4R7-8spHzU-a61uj5-8HizkN-ooRj1e-p8YxNT-k5f3rc-9imnrB-9ADW9o-ovhiD5-8ekTcS-9k2NuN-9aGDbV-8dFmaj-8dqYBY-dB37K7-dQRaLX-kgYg4Y-dexowA
">Matt Shalvatis</a>

Chasing Down Facts in Post-Soviet States

A lack of public accountability and reputation for bribe-taking among journalists makes getting good information and winning the trust of sources a difficult proposition in Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. Here are a few strategies for getting the goods.

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