Business journalism and politics – from Dublin to NYC and back

By Rob Norton   March 7, 2014

Niamh Sweeney (MA, 2011) worked in the US as a reporter at TheStreet and Bloomberg, and as a correspondent for The Irish Times after graduating. Now she’s involved with trade and economics on the government side, as special adviser to Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister.

Alumni Report: covering business In Santiago

By Covering Business   October 28, 2013

Graciela Ibáñez (M.A, 2009), talks about job searching, job switching, business journalism skills, and how she became Dow Jones’s sole reporter in Santiago

How to cover a shareholder lawsuit

By Covering Business   July 12, 2013

There are three main kinds of suits that shareholders can bring against the companies they own. Here’s what you need to know about each, as well as a few tips for sourcing.

Photo: J. Money

5 Professional Tips for Covering India

By Covering Business   May 16, 2013

Vikas Bajaj , who covered India for The New York Times, and Amol Sharma, who covered the nation for The Wall Street Journal, spoke about their experiences last month at Columbia.

Photo: Sarah Jamerson

How to Cover the Credit Card Industry

By Covering Business   May 9, 2013

The aftermath of the financial crisis was not kind to the credit card industry. New legislation and tighter regulation have put new pressure on companies like MasterCard and Visa. They’ve also altered the landscape for journalists covering those companies. Here’s a look a what’s changed and how to approach the beat.

Photo: Philip Taylor

So You Want to Cover China…

By Covering Business   April 19, 2013

Bloomberg News reporters Michael Forsythe and Henry Sanderson have a combined 11 years of experience covering business and economics in China. Here are a few things they learned along the way.

Photo: Edward Allen L. Lim

Five Resources for Crowdsourcing Your Reporting

By Covering Business   March 28, 2013

Tracking down anecdotes and trustworthy sources on deadline can be a challenge. Here are a few social networks to help you find a source quickly — and from anywhere.

Photo: Bruno Girin

How to Cover the Options Market

By Covering Business   March 25, 2013

The options market is a valuable source of information for markets reporters. Although it’s more complicated than the stock market, learning even the basics can offer some early clues about where sophisticated investors believe a company is headed.

Photo: USDA

What Corporate Bribery Can Buy

By Covering Business   April 21, 2012

A group of researchers have quantified just how effective the kind of bribery that The New York Times exposed at Wal-Mart can be.

Photo: Barry Pettinger

For Reporters, New Hurdles in Exposing Corruption

By Covering Business   April 7, 2012

Globalization has made reporting on corruption an international exercise. A panel of journalists discuss new challenges to investigating cheating and bribery around the world.

Photo: Ricardo Vacapinta

How Business Day Went Live

By Covering Business   March 22, 2012

The New York Times launched “Business Day Live,” the paper’s first real-time video program on the web, in February. Times video producer Mac Bishop discusses how the show got off the ground and what’s next in online video at The NYT.